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CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia (17‐19 December 2015)

CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia, Turkey's Digital Transformation Platform
The business world and every area of the society are undergoing a major transformation under the influence of the wave of digitalization as it spreads rapidly. This transformation which determines the future of almost every industry from finance to health, is pushing companies to seek proper
solutions. Focusing 100% on the business world with a concept that was renewed last year, CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia is preparing to present a comprehensive response to this need. Concentrating on the digitalization process around the "Innovation and Future Technologies" main theme, special sections have been planned for the industries in which the most up‐to‐date information and communication technologies are used. This year the event is addressing to digitalization of vertical and horizontal sectors with different thematic areas such as R&D and Innovation; Data Center, Health Technologies; Education Technologies; Satellite Broadcasting, Cable and TV Industry; and ERP Special Section.

Hannover Fairs Turkey General Manager Alexander Kühnel says, "CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia is gearing up this year. Together with Global Conferences, , the renewed exhibition is focusing on digital solutions, challenges and opportunities for companies, industries and the public sector. Having hosted the newest technological products for years, the event brings together the technologies of the future under one roof and once more undertakes an important mission in Turkey's transition to the digital. This year, among the issues which will be highlighted in the exhibitions and conferences, there will be Mobile Economy, Education, Health, Communication, Satellite Communication, Innovation, Network, IT Security, BIG Data, E‐Government Solutions and Metropolitan Solutions."

R&D and Innovation Special Section
CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia 2015 will bring together the information technology companies who conduct R&D and develop Innovative products in Turkey with foreign and domestic companies in the R&D and Innovation thematic area. In the specially designed area, R&D Centers, Technoparks, Technopark companies, Technology Transfer Offices, Public Sector, Angel Investment Networks, Entrepreneurs, Academicians and International Buyer Delegations will come together. Major business opportunities will be offered to the exhibitors with bilateral negotiations, conferences and activities at the fairground. Taking part in the R&D and Innovation thematic area, the companies will have the opportunity to promote their products to many local and foreign companies, attend conferences and come together with public institutions, non‐governmental organizations and other companies who develop value added products.

Data Center Special Section
Major developments have been observed in Turkey in the data center area in recent years. The increase in the number of internet users, the intensive competition in the Telecommunication area and introduction of the requirement to build data centers belonging to banks in Turkey has brought about 60% growth in the data center area and put Turkey in the first position in the world growth list. This year the manufacturers of the industry are coming together in the CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia Data Center special section. Furthermore, you will have the chance to be informed about many agenda items in the conferences which will continue with sessions wherein important doyens of the industry will share their knowledge via evaluation of data center parameters as well as discussion of the latest developments and applications from many aspects.

Education Technologies Special Section
Education technologies special section will offer a new motion for the industry. Bringing together all stakeholders in the educational technologies industry of our country such as universities, companies and non‐governmental organizations under an international roof, the special area will offer new solutions with many titles including distance education, mobile applications and 3D technologies.

Health Technologies Special Section
Thanks to information and communication technologies, leading companies of health information industry will introduce their products and services in Health Technologies section that aims at contributing to transformation in health where it is aimed to improve the quality of services and access to services in health industry and to optimize costs as well driving platform of health informatics ‐ ‘Digital Health Summit’ – will also be held within the scope of CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia and CeBIT Global Conferences this year. Having been organized by PTMS since the year 2012 and bringing together the Ministry of Health, technology companies, the medicine industry, health employees, patient foundations and all stakeholders related to digital health, the theme for the meeting of
Digital Health Summit for this year will be "Patient Oriented Innovation and Technology in Health".

Satellite, Broadcasting, Cable& TV Industry Special Section
The Satellite, broadcasting and Informatics industry in Turkey is one of the major markets in the Eurasia thanks to its success and continuous development. In addition to the growth of local satellite industry year by year, high quality manufacturing capacity also provides competitive advantage in Turkey. While the TV and broadcasting techniques direct the industry into internet and associated smart product markets, 2015 will be the year of transition from satellite and cable into mobile and IPTV. Increased use of computer in manufacturing industry and the effects of machine to machine communication on production process will provide many savings in various areas. In the Satellite, Broadcasting , Cable and IP TV Special Section, the innovations to be shared by the exhibiting companies will meet both local and international buyers at first hand.

ERP Committee Special Section
The ERP Committee Special Section aims to create awareness in corporate transformation for the new period dominated by digital items. The ERP Committee and Corporate Conversion Platform which will take part in CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia is aiming to bring together national and international professionals and promote opportunities for knowledge and collaboration. Moreover, during three days, panels and seminars will be organized in this special section under several titles such as development and success stories of corporate software market; administration methods in industries like construction, retail, services, automotive; Omni ‐ Channel retailing; CRM and customer experience; new approaches in corporate software projects, warehouse management systems, and business intelligence.

CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia: The Most Effective Way for Reaching New Markets

Aiming to contribute to the digital transformation of Eurasia, CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia is undertaking another significant mission by way of supporting the development of the ICT industry in Turkey towards new markets. Hannover Fairs Turkey Deputy General Manager Murat Özer says, "Turkey and its neighbors are rising as a market that has great potential of growth for the suppliers of the informatics, technology and communication industry. With CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia, we are offering the exhibitors one of the easiest ways to have access to this market and make direct contact with the decision‐makers."
CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia is offering an excellent platform for companies which aim to enter the Eurasian markets. Other than Turkey, the target markets of CeBIT Bilişim Eurasia for this year include Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic from the Turkic Republics; United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Iran from the Middle East, Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia and Chad from Africa; Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland and UK from Europe; China, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan from the Far East.

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