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Eurasian ICT Market

Diversity and High Potential

Interest in the Eurasian ICT sector has grown steadily in recent years as regional economies expand at a faster rate than most developed regions.
First-movers in the region have seen healthy returns on their investments, which may explain why Eurasia carries much more weight internationally than its individual economies would normally warrant.
Eurasia is highly diverse in terms of ICT and infrastructure, economic stability, per capita income, global competitiveness and market development.


The Information and Communication Technologies sector (ICT) which has maintained its growth all around the world is expected to reach the level of 5 trillion dollars in 2014. ICT economy in Turkey represents 2 percent of European ICT market, whose total size is 1,2 trillion dollars, while it corresponds to 0,75 percent of global market of 4,1 trillion dollars.

According to the data presented by Informatics Industry Association of Turkey (TÜBİSAD), information and communication technologies sector reached to 78.24 billion TL totally together with an e-trade market of 21 billion after achieving a growth level more than Turkish total growth rate in 2012. The number of total employment in the sector reached to 153,849 following a significant increase.

It is expected that the sector will provide employment opportunities for 400,000 people more in 2023 in case such growth rate maintains. The most important development has been experienced in terms of exporting. Exporting rate of information and communication technologies sector exceeded one billion TL, while total exportation was 1,08 billion TL in 2012.

Market sizes in the sector 

- Hardware market                           12.4 billion TL
- Software and service market           5.64 billion TL
- Electronic communication market     30.9 billion TL
- E-trade market                               21 billion TL
- Defence industry market                0.7 billion TL
- Call centre market                          2.5 billion TL
- Mobile devices market                   5.1 billion TL


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